Puppy Visits Nursing Home And Brightens Patients Day

Recently Sergeant Tony Marshall was giving a lecture on elderly targeting scammers to the residents of Star and Garter Nursing home.  In the corner of the room, were the canines Marshall brought with him to visit the home’s bed-ridden patients.

This is the story of Daisy, an 11-week old pup who melted the resident’s hearts.

When Daisy was placed on Muriel’s lap, the least emotional woman in the home, she immediately sprang up on her bed and began to pet and cuddle the pup.

It was destiny that Daisy and Muriel found each other.  Both Muriel and Daisy have grown so fond of each other, they are inseparable.

Muriel’s long-term nurse explained that Muriel almost never shows any emotions and her change in demeanor is a miracle to her.

We all know that dogs are therapeutic, but did you know they can do amazing things provide the elderly so much joy?

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