Woman Rescued A One-Day-Old Kitten Found Outside A Grocery Store

Bridget Kelly is a resident of California who rescued a tiny kitten when she saw him outside a grocery store.

The weather was cold, and Bridget could not leave the tiny kitten outside and alone.  She took the baby home and nursed him back to health.

This kitten surely would not survive outside as it was only a one day old.


Despite the poor conditions the kitten was found in, he was actually doing quite well

He wasn’t sick or dehydrated, which means he was not abandoned for very long.

Bridget wrapped Ollie up in a towel for warmth and stuffed him in her shirt.

She did that because the best way for any baby to fall asleep is by hearing a heartbeat.

When Bridget kept Ollie near her chest, the kitten would fall asleep in no time.

Two weeks later, Ollie finally opened his eyes and saw the world around him.

Ollie does continue to whine when he’s not being cuddled or near people.

Ollie is all grown up and way too big to fit into shirts anymore, but he is a pretty good foster cat for the other kitten that is taken in by Bridget.


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