Severely Neglected Pit Bull Puppy Makes A Beautiful Transformation

Blossom was found wandering the streets, she was severely emaciated with her ribs and hip bones protruding from her skin.

It was obvious that she wasn’t going to last long if she didn’t get help.

Blossom also suffered from demodectic mange, which can cause skin lesions and result in bald patches on the skin.

Despite her condition, the first thing she did when she met the staff was wag her tail! She provided them with all the kisses she could give. Blossom’s condition was being carefully monitored on a daily basis, as there was the risk of her suffering from Referring syndrome.

The syndrome is when an emaciated puppy tries to ingest too many calories too quickly, resulting in damage to their health. Her electrolytes and bloodworm levels were also monitored to ensure her recovery was going well.

Within a few weeks of care, Blossom had gained a healthy amount of weight and is skin lesion-free.

Blossom did find a forever home and now gets all the love and kisses she can.

No more neglect of this beautiful baby!

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