Mom Captures Precious Last Moments With Her Dying Girl Before Putting Her Down

There’s something incredibly special about a dog that you get to spend your life with.

After all, dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason; there are days where it feels like they’re such perfect companions that we humans almost don’t deserve so much sweetness and loyalty!

And for anyone who has ever grown and lived with a dog for years, you know that there’s nothing more painful than realizing that it’s time to let the sweet pooch in your life go.

The tragedy of being a dog lover is that you’ll almost always outlive your beloved canine companion.

When you know that the day is coming, there’s nothing you can do but give your pooch lots of hugs and kisses, and close out an awesome chapter in your lives with one perfect shining day, as we saw with this darling pup spending her last days checking off every item on her doggy bucket list.

The latest tragically sweet comes from a woman who documented her dog’s perfect last day on Snapchat and then posted the photos to the photo-sharing site Imgur.

Let us be the first to confess, we were in tears by the time we got to the end of the gallery.

pretty old girl

In a post entitled “Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you,” a young woman shows us all what it means to love a dog so much that you’re willing to let her go.

pretty old girl

She doesn’t explain the exact circumstances, but she makes it clear that it’s time for her sweet girl to go to a better place.

The dog, a yellow Labrador, looks every bit the picture of a beautiful dog who has lived a good long life.

pretty old girl

Anyone who has ever had to make the choice to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion knows that it’s an incredibly tough choice, and usually it’s one that you face when the animal’s health is so deteriorated, they don’t have much time left.

pretty old girl

For an elderly dog with severe cancer or another condition that gives the pooch chronic pain, there are situations where the condition is terminal, or where treatment would be unfairly cruel to the pet, because she simply won’t understand why you’re putting her through so much pain.

pretty old girl

Clearly, these were the circumstances for this lovely old dog and the woman who owned her.

So, she made the incredibly tough and brave choice to put her dog down, painlessly and with people, she loves all around her.

pretty old girl

But before the scheduled appointment at the vet, dog and owner had one last perfect day together, one that every dog dreams of!

pretty old girl

First, they hit the beauty parlor, where the pooch got a lovely bath, and lots of relaxing aromatherapy and spa treatments in the ultimate dog-grooming experience.

What a luxury!

pretty old girl

Then, once she was all cleaned up and dry, she got a special design, a doggy beauty mark.

There’s nothing like a beautiful heart design to make you feel like an extra-special princess for all of the people you love!

pretty old girl

Afterward, she got a lovely bandana that accurately declares how beautiful she is — and she knows it, too!

Plus, she got to go on a long car ride with Mom and sit in the front seat, two favorite doggy pastimes.

pretty old girl

On the way home they stopped in a McDonald’s drive-thru and picked up a meal that all dog’s covet: a hamburger!

If you’re going out, might as well have something delicious that you’re not supposed to eat first.