Horse Completely Freaks Out When He Discovers A New Yellow Duck Toy Wedged Inside His Gate

Who doesn’t love a new toy? Whether it’s a fun new gadget or a cool stuffed animal, a new toy will bring joy to whoever is receiving it. That goes for animals, too!

When this horse named Snipes found his usual red rope toy missing from the gate near his stable, he seemed surprised. Then, he spotted what his owner had wedged between the metal bars in its place. And his reaction truly says it all.

In the video, Snipes slowly approaches a stuffed, yellow duck toy placed inside his gate. The duck is foreign to him, so it takes the horse a few moments to make sense of things and adjust.

Then, he takes a chance on the toy and starts playing with it. He grabs the fluffy duck and tosses it on the ground, just to make sure he can trust it. Snipes sniffs around the fallen stuffed animal and picks it up again.

Soon, his excitement grows, and he starts jumping for joy as he whips his new toy around in the air. At this point, he is freaking out over his surprise gift and can’t get enough.

You have to see how high Snipes jumps when he loses it over this duck!

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