Former Puppy Mill Dog Rescued And Is Finally Being Treated Like A Normal Dog

Victoria the German Shepherd is now living a wonderful new life with her humans. However, her life was not always this good.

Victoria grew up in an Amish puppy mill outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She spent her entire life breeding puppies until a farmer “discarded” her.

Victoria lived her entire life outside and never knew what it was like to be inside of a house. She did not have toys, never got to play, and never experienced life as a normal dog. She gave birth to several litters, all without a veterinary care. She was bit in the eye by another dog and had her foot run over by a lawnmower. Because she didn’t have professional care, she wound up with a blind eye and a permanently deformed front paw.

When Victoria turned ten, she was too old to have puppies, so her owners discarded her. Luckily, Herbert, co-founder of Finding Shelter Animal Rescue, was told about Victoria and rescued her this past October.

Herbert arrived at the farm and saw Victoria crammed into a tiny cage, scared and crying. The farmer placed the cage on the end of the driveway because he didn’t want Herbert on the property. Herbert knew there were many more dogs on the farm who were in poor condition like Victoria was.

Victoria was now safe but still had a long road ahead of her. She was covered in fleas and unable to walk. She was terrified of people and would shake and growl but rescuers did give up on her.

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