Dog Rescued After She Developed An Eight-Pound Tumor

Liz Gigler, a veterinary technician, and director of the Minnesota-based nonprofit Rescued Pets Are Wonderful, found Meesha through a network of rescue groups. When she was rescued, Meesha has an eight-pound tumor growing on the side of her head! Meesha’s family had to give her up because they could not afford the medical help she needed to remove the lump that appeared about eight months ago.

Liz prides herself on her medical needs cases because of her background in veterinary medicine and knew she needed to help Meesha. “Meesha is a very loving dog to people and even cats!” said Liz.

The enormous tumor on her head doesn’t bother her except when she tries to lay down on that side. Liz has spent two weeks making sure that Meesha is in good health and trying to see if doctors can figure out what the growth is and if it can be removed.

Meesha is scheduled to have surgery after many thorough exams and a CT scan! Her veterinarian thinks the mass can be biopsied and removed and once removed, they will know more about how to care for Meesha.

Liz has raised money to help pay for Meesha’s surgery but she doesn’t know what the future holds.

Meesha has her own Facebook page you can visit to keep tabs on her progress!

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