Owner Chains Bloody Dog Outside In Freezing Cold For 4 Years Before Rescuers Rush To Save Him

It’s always upsetting to see a dog looking defeated and hurt. Their expressive eyes are totally heartbreaking in these moments, and all you want to do is help them to feel better.

This is exactly the look that Diesel had on his face during his time tied up in the freezing Yukon weather.

For years, Diesel was chained, day and night, no matter the temperature.

He was attacked by other dogs and was severely injured by a kick to the head delivered by a horse. These injuries left him with damage to his teeth and frozen blood stuck to his black coat.

Thankfully, Animal Advocates intervened and came to Diesel’s rescue, before it was too late for the sweet dog.

Diesel was flown to a rehabilitation center where he was treated by vets and also had the opportunity to undergo training.

He is working his way towards finding a forever home with a loving family…

diesel yukon rescue

This is Diesel. This gorgeous dog has endured a sad and difficult life.

diesel yukon rescue

Diesel spent years chained outdoors in below freezing conditions in Yukon and has also been through neglect, abuse, and attacks by other animals.

diesel yukon rescue

Finally, as his condition neared the point of fatality, Diesel was rescued by the kind people at Animal Advocates.

diesel yukon rescue

He was flown to a wonderful rehabilitation facility where he was shown love, made friends and learned to behave so that a new family could take him home.

diesel yukon rescue

After enduring such an awful life, it’s so amazing to see Diesel wagging his tail and playing around with people and other dogs alike. Watch the video below for even more Diesel cuteness!

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