Dying Old Chimp Is Curled Up And Unresponsive Until She Sees Her Old Friend One Last Time

You’re going to need your tissues for this one.

In the video below, we meet a chimp named Mama. She is 59 years old and nearing the end of her long and fruitful life. At this point, she is weak and fragile and can’t do much but curl up and sleep. She won’t even eat or drink.

Mama is ready to pass on, and her colony of fellow chimps had come to say goodbye.

This beautiful creature was born in the wild in 1957, and in 1971 she was brought to the Netherlands, where she lived at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo. Mama was known for being bold and confident in her younger days, clearly the “dominant matriarch” amongst the other chimps.

Jan van Hooff is a Dutch biologist and professor best known for his research involving primates. His grandparents founded the Royal Burgers’ Zoo. He befriended Mama back in 1972 and even co-founded her colony there.

Watch as Jan returns to visit Mama. At first, she is too weak to realize who it is — but as Jan gently places his hand on her shoulder and whispers into her ear, you’ll see a stunning change in her demeanor.

These two old friends are getting to say their goodbyes.

One week after their touching reunion, Mama passed away. Now that this video is going viral, she will forever be celebrated.

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