Important Reason Why You Should Not Trim Your Cat’s Whiskers

Have you ever wondered why cats’ whiskers were left long? Have you ever thought about trimming your cat’s whiskers, either because they are bothering her or getting in the way?

cat whiskers

Whiskers aren’t just for show. Whiskers are actually an important sensory system for cats. They grow on top of their eyes, on their chin and jawline, and on the back of their front legs. Here’s a list of things a cat’s whiskers help with:

Help cats are more graceful

cat whiskers

Cats have a sensory organ called a proprioceptor in each whisker. It helps them know where their body and each of its limbs are at any given moment, which is important for balancing themselves and making graceful leaps around your house.

Help cats move in the dark

cat whiskers

Cats are able to sense nearby objects when dark without feeling them with their entire body which is essential when hunting at night. They also use the whiskers for evaluating whether or not they can fit inside of a particular space.

Help to locate prey

cat whiskers
Whiskers are actually quite helpful for detecting the slightest movements in the air. Whiskers are like a radar for cats, they can detect the tiniest air vibration from movement. This helps them locate prey even if their eyes are closed. That’s why it’s difficult to sneak up on a cat.

Whiskers are one of the most important features of cats. They will not die if their whiskers are cut off, but imagine having your fingertips cut off and not being able to feel anything with them.

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