Baby Rhinos Are Being Orphaned Because Of Dangerous Poachers

Since the ivory trade is so profitable, the poaching of rhinoceroses for their horns is rampant. Some people even believe the rhino’s horn has powerful medicinal properties.

Even though these claims have proven to be false, that hasn’t stopped the local population from continuing these practices.

Their horrific actions have decimated the populations of rhinos and put them on the edge of extinction.

Although actions are being taken to curtail these activities, it can be difficult to regulate when their habitats are so vast.

Many of the rhinos that are killed are often mothers who leave babies behind with no one to take care of them.

Inevitably, the actions of the poachers end up taking two lives instead of just one. However, when this lone baby rhino was found after its mother had been murdered, someone had to step in to provide the care that he needs.

The majority of these babies end up in The Rhino Orphanage, where they learn to take care of each other.

They range from babies to older orphan rhinos.

One such rhino named Thandi was a victim of a vicious poaching attempt that resulted in the loss of her horn, but she still managed to survive.

These rhinos will have to live with the traumatic scars, both physical and emotional, that they’ve had to endure from these horrible activities.

But thankfully, with the helping hands of wildlife orphanages, they have the chance to start again and build new lives with each other for support.


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