Adorable Baby Bobcat Steps Out To Bravely Explore The World

One fine day, the staff at UC Riverside Botanic Gardens were surprised to find an adorable guest in their 40-acre Southern California facility. It was a baby bobcat — bravely stepping away from his mom to explore the world around him.

A quick peek of a bobcat kitten

This adorable baby bobcat decided to stop by the gardens. This was an unusual occurrence, as most people only catch a glimpse of them in their natural habitat. But this particular one showed up at just the right time and offered us all a peek of its cuteness!

baby bobcat

When the curious kitten noticed a staff member, it just had to move in for a better look.

“We do have fairly regular sightings of adult bobcats, and occasional spring sightings of kittens,” Jodie Holt, director of UCR Botanic Gardens, told The Dodo. “Staff and visitors are always surprised and delighted to spot a bobcat.”

baby bobcat

Usually, bobcats visiting the gardens keep their distance from people. The mother cat might have been distracted with one of her other babies, allowing this kitten to go a little further. But his solo exploring didn’t last for long. The kitten’s quick peek gave a pleasant reminder of all that wild beauty in this world that often goes unseen. “This one was unusually close, but the mom moved them shortly after to parts unknown,” Holt said. “It’s a special privilege to manage a public botanic garden and nature preserve in a huge urban area like SoCal, and to give our visitors an opportunity to get out in our little bit of nature.”

Here’s a video of the little bobcat in action: