Open Letter To My Puppy In Heaven

“Our 9-month-old puppy died today from a degenerative brain disease. Last Saturday, knowing the end was near, I collaborated with Portland Florist, Francoise Weeks to create this peaceful, woodland scene. Some of our best memories with Kolohe were hiking through the woods. I don’t know what puppy heaven looks like, but I hope it feels like this woodland daydream.

I created this photo series to personally cope with the devastating loss of having to say goodbye to our beloved Kolohe too soon. I share it to comfort those who also have to say goodbye to their four-legged best friend. It’s never enough time.

Below you will find my letter to our sweet pup.

You were born the same week Michael and I were married. We’d been looking forward to your arrival for what seemed like forever. Here are a few things I never told you.

I was nervous about getting a husky because I knew how much exercise you needed and wondered if I could live up to the task.

You turned me into a runner and it became the best bonding experience. I planned my week around the days I could take you to the dog park. Seeing you wrestle and chase all your doggie friends became the highlight of my week.

I was nervous when we found out you’d be a wooly-coated husky, because I’d be vacuuming behind your every step.

It quickly became my favorite thing about you. Hugging you is like hugging a cloud. You are the softest pillow. Thank you for soaking up all of my tears with all of your incredible fluff.

I was nervous getting a dog at what seemed like the second we got married. I wondered if we should settle into this new season of life, just the two of us, first.

Now, I cannot imagine our beginning without you. We’ve grown closer as a couple in our mutual adoration for our sweet pup. You light up our lives and we can’t imagine life without you in it.

I was nervous you’d be one of those rascally, escape artist, typical stubborn huskies

Well, you were. The husky that dug up the pond and then escaped to the neighbor’s house, is the same husky that caused our vet to ask if our husky was broken because he was such an obedient dog.”


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