Photos Of Shelter Dogs The Moment They Were Adopted

It is very difficult for dogs when they end up living in an animal shelter.  Some are most likely recovering from abusive homes, injuries and illness, and abandonment. They could often live in the shelter for weeks and months at a time, so it is no surprise that they are truly happy when they finally get to go to their new home.

The compilation of adorable photos in this article range from day-of-adoption to adoption anniversaries.

1. Smiling Pooch
After 100 days in the shelter, this dog almost lost his home after a Michigan township ordinance prohibiting Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes made his residency illegal. Fortunately, the case was dismissed.
2. Happy Couple
Dozer, a very sweet dog, spent two months in an animal hospital after being shot. One of the vets who cared for him fell in love with his sweet face and adopted  him.
3. Frolik and Family
The happy faces in this pic show you just how happy Frolick and his new family are to have found each other.
4. Evony
This adorable pup was abandoned. She was moved from the city to the suburbs, and she looks pretty happy.
5. The adoption difference
This sweet lab puppy looked cozy on the day she was adopted, but look at the difference a month makes! She’s bigger and healthier!
6. Husky and Happy
Miska was adopted by her forever family from the Dunn County Humane Society and they look pretty cozy together.
7. Spokey the Happy Dog
The before and after photos in this image were taken just one day apart. She’s obviously overjoyed with her new family!
8. Ned and the Car Ride
Ned is loving his front seat car ride!  Just look at his smile and tongue wagging! He’s so happy to be out of the shelter!
9. Laurel the Cheerful Pup
Judging by the smile on both of their faces, they are both excited about the adoption. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
10. Friendly Fenced In Dog
His pre-adoption eyes are pleading and innocent, but his after adoption eyes are… well looks like this sweet dog got a little too excited about his adoption.
11. Nora and Kids
This colorful photo shows how much fun these little ones have with their new furry family member. The dog looks pretty chill rocking those glasses!
12. Moos the Beach Dog
Moo made a remarkable recovery following his adoption. This dog definitely looks much healthier and happier!
13. Happy Adoption Day, Jasper!
This pooch was celebrating is adoption anniversary when this cute photo was taken. The hat suits him!
14. Hazel and Friend
Hazel met her forever family when she was rescued from a shelter. This pair looks like they could cause a bit of trouble!
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