Animals Are Rescued From One Of The World’s Most Horrendous Zoos

The Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza, is considered the world’s worst zoo.  They are closing their doors for good with the help of Four Paws International. Because of conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, there are only 16 animals left alive. Dozens of animals starved to death without the keepers caring for them.  Some of them had been left without food or proper care for over a year.

Four Paws International went to the zoo twice in the last year to give the animals water, food, and veterinary care. Now, after negotiations, Four Paws is going to be able to remove the 16 remaining animals.

All of the animals will get new homes and the Khan Younis Zoo will be permanently closed. The team rescued the porcupines, tortoises, monkeys, birds, one emu and one tiger.

Veterinarians were there to  provide emergency care. Unfortunately, one baby deer died before the rescuers arrived while the the 15 remaining animals were rushed to safety.

Four Paws veterinarian,  Dr. Amir Khalil, said the animals were wasting away and suffering.

The zoo’s last tiger Laziz will now live in a zoo where he won’t be hungry or thirsty! 

Most of the animals will be transported to the New Hope Center in Jordan.

Laziz is going to be taken to a big cat sanctuary called Lionsbrock in South Africa. Lionsbrock currently houses over 100 other big cats.

While there, Laziz will have 2 acres of grassy fields to run around in and a swimming pool to relax in!


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