Mall In Istanbul Opens Its Doors To Help Homeless Cats And Dogs

Istanbul had a huge snowstorm and temperatures were uncomfortable for many. The city has a homeless dog population of aproximately 150,000. Fortunately, many of these dogs were able to find the warmth and comfort they needed.

A local mall in Istanbul opened its doors to the homeless pups during the storm. Volunteers went into the Atrium Mall in Bakirkoy, and brought blankets and food for the stray dogs. They were fed and kept safe during the storm. One man documented the dogs on his Imgur account.  The photos show how happy the dogs were to have somewhere to stay.

Some of the stores were giving up floor space to the city’s stray dogs on their shop floor…

…while others turned their place into a sanctuary for stray cats!

Selçuk Bayal did just that in his cafe/stationary store!

“These creatures are entrusted to us … we are responsible for looking after them.”

Other locals have put out cardboard and fed this dog and her pups on the street.

Bayal said that the cats are “grateful” for the shelter.

The dogs are also happy with their newfound places to sleep.


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