Deaf And Blind Deer Rescued After Being Hit By A Car

Deer are shy but graceful creatures. However, they can be jumpy around people. If you have ever encountered a deer in the wild, you usually experience a few seconds of stillness before the deer dashes away.

More than natural animal predator, humans are a deer’s biggest threat. Humans not only cut down forests and endanger deer but many people who shoot at deer for food or hunt them.

So it is no surprise that deer raise their young to be very wary of humankind.

The deer in the video was not paying attention. It isn’t because she could have known because the deer is blind and deaf.

“But I know she likes my lap ’cause she’s been there almost all day,” Kimberly says in the video. “I think I’m gonna call her Snuggle.”

Snuggle adores her savior, and thanks to kind people like Kimberly, Snuggle can enjoy her life a little longer.

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