Special Puppy Stole Her Foster Mom’s Heart

Animal foster parents are very special people.  They foster dogs, and it is hard for them not to get attached before the dog is put it up for adoption.  Fostering can be heartbreaking, but it is better than letting dogs die without a second chance.

Candace Miller is one of those special foster parents who put aside her feelings of emotional attachment to help dogs in need.  Miller has fostered over 100 dogs ranging from puppies to seniors.  She takes them in when they are desperately looking for someone to care and love them.

Penny is one the youngest dogs she has ever fostered. When Penny was rejected by her young mother, the other puppies in Penny’s litter died. Miller fostered Penny at the tender age of 3 days old. Miller bottle fed Penny and provided a heating pad.  She enlisted the help of her other rescue dogs to help in the nurturing of Penny.

It did not take long for Penny to thrive in Candace’s care. Candace realized that this special puppy was going to have a permanent home with her and her 5 other rescue dogs.  All of the dogs that live with Miller have a unique story and none of them would be here today without being given a second chance at a forever home.

Miller encourages people to check out their local shelters when looking for a pet.  She reminds people that shelters are a stressful place for dogs and the animal you see at the shelter is not necessarily how the animal will act when it gets home and has time to adjust.  “A lot of people think that because you get a dog that has been in a bad situation, it’s ruined,” Miller explained. “The dog you see in the shelter is not necessarily by any means the dog you’re gonna have in two to three weeks after you get that dog home.”

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