Woman Saved A Dying Bald Eagle From A BearTrap And Gets Arrested

Kathleen Adair was hiking along the Davies Creek Trail, near Juneau, Alaska, when she came upon something very disturbing: a bald eagle struggling and bleeding in a bear hunting trap.

With nightfall approaching, she knew she had to act fast and decided to free the animal. Unfortunately, that landed her in jail.

Kathleen could not figure out how the poor bird got there but he was in distress!

Rescuing the eagle was not easy, they are natural hunters, and their talons and beaks may cause serious injury to anyone. After some time, Kathleen was finally able to free the bird from the trap. Unfortunately, this proved to be a costly mistake for the poor woman.

Kathleen was unaware that it is illegal to tamper with hunters’ traps that are legally placed. Kathleen was charged and forced to defend herself against the law. As if that were not horrible enough, she discovered that the eagle had to be euthanized three days after she freed it.

Thankfully, the Judge in the matter found Kathleen’s actions admirable and dismissed the case against her. He commended her for what she did that day. A look at the bloody scene shows just how serious the bird’s injuries were. She did not regret helping the animal regain its freedom.

Traps like those are not very humane, but Kathleen did not want to be confused with an eco-terrorist trying to ruin trappers’ livelihoods, after all!

Kathleen’s laudable actions raise important questions about hunting methods. And while the ending is bittersweet, she’s still most certainly a hero.

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