Wolf Dog Being Sold For Drugs Now Helps Substance Abusers

In California, wolf dogs are being sold for meth. The dogs are valued at a minimum one-thousand dollars or more, and drug dealers are taking advantage of that. 

Undercover agents in San Bernardino, California heard about a drug deal that was about to go down.  They posed as potential meth buyers and were able to confiscate the wolf dog, named Wolfee, during the bust.

Having a wolf dog in the LA area is illegal.  Wolfee cannot be placed in a private home, and there are only a few certified wolf rescues in California.

Wolfee is considered a ‘low content’ wolf dog, meaning he is more dog than wolf.  His owners mislabeled him and it nearly jeopardized his life.

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, a licensed California wolf refuge, was able to take Wolfee in.

Wolf Mountain then reached out to Wolf Connection, a wolf dog rescue and sanctuary, for assistance.

Wolfie arrived at Wolf Connection, he was only 8 months old and in good physical condition. Upon examination by the vet, an X-ray showed three BBs lodged in his body.

The BBs were not removed because Wolfee did not appear to be bothered by them.  When Wolfee arrived at the sanctuary, he loved playing with his new human and wolf packs.

Wolfee has a new ‘job’ at the sanctuary, he’s helping with the substance abuse programs.

He has private sessions with families and individuals and goes on community awareness hikes.

Wolfee likes to chase lizards and dig holes when he is not working!



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