He Spots A Wolf With A Strange Animal On It’s Back…

When a baby loses its mother, the future starts to look grim. With no one to take care of it from day to day, the baby is left to the whims of the world. And if it gets the wrong hands, it can be lost.

That’s exactly what was happening to Poncho the baby opossum. He lost his loving mother when a car crashed into her. She died and Poncho didn’t know what to do. When he was found, he was still clinging to his mother’s lifeless body in the middle of the road.

Fortunately, kindhearted animal rescuers came across Poncho first. But they didn’t have much hope that the infant opossum would be able to survive without his mother’s constant care. And to make matters worse, opossums aren’t receptive to surrogate mothers usually. But they figured they would at least give it a shot. And it’s lucky they did because Poncho was adopted by the most unlikely mother…


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