After Being Released Into The Wild, Porcupine Returns And Surprises Her Rescuers With Babies

A potato farmer in Hoedspruit, South Africa was used to nature getting in the way of his crops. It did not take long to realize that animals were sneaking into his fields and eating his potatoes. That is when he set a trap.

He was fully prepared to deal with the offending varmints, but not prepared for what he actually caught…

When the farmer heard noises coming from the trap, he rushed over to check and discovered a baby porcupine! The baby was in need of some care so he contacted the Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage, a South African sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals.

The volunteers at the school realized the baby could not survive on her own, so they took her in and named her Spikey. Spikey had to be bottle-fed with a special mixture of egg-yolk, cream, milk, and protexin, a protein that would help with her digestion.

Soon after, Spikey was able to handle regular food, and she loved to eat! Her favorite was eating whole apples.

After spending one year at the Orphanage, Spikey was huge, and the Daktari School staff decided it was time to set her free. Right after they set her free they were stunned to see what surprise the porcupine had in store for them…

It was not long after she was released, Spikey came back to visit and had a huge surprise: two babies!

The Daktari School volunteers were thrilled to meet Spikey’s new family! They’d grown exceptionally close to the porcupine and they were excited to get to know her babies.

Spikey and the babies still return to the Daktari School for the occasional visit and, of course, the occasional bite to eat.

Thanks to the Daktari School for helping Spikey and her family at the Daktari School.


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