Werewolf Cats Are One Of The Rarest Breeds Of Felines

About 20 years ago, a new breed of felines was born into the world. They look like a cross between a Sphinx and a Wolf.  The breed is named Lykoi, or commonly known as werewolf kittens.

The Lykoi breed, have been in the breeding market since 2010, thanks to a breeder vet, Dr. Johnny Gobble.

Dr. Gobble said that these cats have a unique feature of baldness/ balding akin to a sphinx, lack of undercoat and mane. He said that Lykois could be compared to the loyal hunter dogs because they have superior skills of smell. Lykois are also intelligent and perpetually aware of their surroundings. However, the Lykois are not obsessive attention seekers like your usual pet cats.

Scientists say that these cats are healthier than house cats due to their healthier cardiac system that is created naturally.

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