Sharing A Bed With Your Dog Says A Lot About Your Relationship

Did you know that the way your dog sleeps says a lot about who they are? Dogs have all kinds of strange sleeping habits.

Dogs require a lot more sleep than humans do, according to Petful. they need anywhere between 12 and 14 hours a day. While they do sleep longer, they don’t sleep as deeply as humans do.

The way your dog sleeps with you says a lot about the type of relationship you have with your dog.

Does your dog sleep next to you, on you, under the bed or on the bed?

Here is what their habits could mean:

1. On The End Of The Bed

If your dog sleeps on the end of the bed, this is a popular position for dogs. One obvious reason is there is more room down there. If your dog sleeps like this, it might mean he wants to be close to you and recognizes you as the alpha.

2. On Top Of You

If your dog sleeps on you, it’s obvious he does not like being apart from you. It could also be that your dog is dependent on you and can’t imagine being away from you.

You and your dog probably spend a lot of time together in your waking hours, too.

3. Next To Your Bed

Some dog owners do not like to let their dog sleep in their beds, or some dogs simply can’t make the jump! As a sign of devotion to you, your dog may sleep next to you on the floor right by your bed. It may also be an indication that they know the difference between your space and their space.

4. Spooning

Do you spoon with your dog? The fact that he lets you cuddle him when he’s sleeping is that he trusts you and feels protected by your close presence.

5. On Your Face

Your pet is probably trying to be as close to you as possible if your pet tries to sleep on your face. That may be a little too close for comfort, and having to pry them off isn’t fun for either of you.

Try to establish some boundaries in the bedroom for you and your dog by asserting your dominance in the waking hours.

6. In The Middle Of The Bed

You may have a tiny dog, but that doesn’t stop him from hogging the whole bed. If there is another human in your bed, then your dog is probably just trying to sleep in any open space to be close to his pet parents.

If he sleeps in the middle, however, it can mean that he’s not very space conscious, and thinks his needs are more important than yours.

7. Under The Bed

Tufts University experts explain that dogs like tight spaces because their wild ancestors would sleep in dens.

If you and your dog sleep like this, it can mean that he is still in touch with his ancient roots, It may also mean he’s happy enough with you and feels comfortable.

8. Under The Covers

If your dog sleeps like a lump under the covers, this can be traced back to domestic dogs’ ancestor’s affinity for tight spaces.

Sleeping under the covers can mean that you and your dog share a very special bond.

9. In His Own Bed

Many dogs don’t really care to sleep in their own beds, but the ones who do, appreciate having their own territory. Dogs like this tend to be confident in their relationships with their masters and are extremely loyal.

You don’t necessarily need to share a bed to have a special bond with your pup.

10. Next To You

Does your dog like to sleep next to you on the bed like a human? If that’s the case, then rest assured, your dog likes the finer things in life, such as the comfort of a bed, but will not smother you while you’re sleeping.

This position also indicates that you and your dog have a secure attachment, and you don’t need to be together all the time for either of you to know that you love each other.

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