Wallabies Return To The Sanctuary With Their Babies To Meet The Woman Who Rescued Them

Reddit user, Retaboop, has been rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals in Australia for the past seven years. She works with Wallabies the most, and most often, takes in orphaned babies.

The rescue cares for them until they are old enough to be returned to the wild. The Wallabies never forget the kind woman who helped save their lives even after they have been released.

The female Wallabies will come back and show her their babies. Retaboop likes to call them her ‘Grand Wallabies.’ One of the Wallabies Retaboop raised, named Jill, recently returned with her baby boy, Jockey.

Retaboop thinks that the female Wallabies return because they know her house is a safe place and they feel comfortable bringing their babies there. Retaboop feeds everyone when they come to visit and when it is cold or wet, the Wallabies have a safe, dry place to take shelter.

They also could be returning because the female wallabies tend to stay around a ‘home’ location while the male wallabies disperse. Retaboop is always delighted when they come by to visit so she can see how they are doing

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