Veteran Has Been Delivering Daily Meals To Feral Cats For Over Twenty Years

Veteran Willie Ortiz is 76 years old and has a heart of gold. He does not let his age stop him from doing all he can for the 70 feral cats who would go hungry if he did not prepare and deliver meals to each one every single day. Every day, the Hartford, Connecticut man drives his minivan each night at 7 p.m.

He drives to the several cat colonies in the area.  Many of the cats wait for him to arrive and greet him, eager for a meal and they love this gentle soul.

“People ask me why I feed them every day or tell me I feed them too much. You eat every day, no? You get three meals; they eat once every 24 hours.”

Despite the expense for the many meals he delivers, that obstacle does not stop Ortiz. He searches for scrap metal to recycle for cash and sells anything he can find to list for sale on Craigs List.

He began feeding the feral cats in 1995 when he saw a cat begging for food from people. He recalls, “People were pushing it away, and I could see it needed help.” Ortiz being a Puerto Rican Native explains, “I know these cats can’t understand my accent, but I need to do something.”

Ortiz also carefully watches out for their well-being. If one appears sick, he will take it to the vet to get the proper medical care it needs.  He also catches the ferals with humane traps. When new cats show up, he takes them in to get spayed or neutered in an effort to cut down on the homeless cat population.

With all of these cats to care for, he has one special cat named Ginger that has been with him for 23 years.  They share a very special bond.


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