Senior Dog And ‘Unwanted’ Cat Bond With Each Other And Cannot Stop Cuddling

Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary in Yarck, Victoria provides loving homes for animals that have been abused, neglected, have an illness or special needs.

Meet Tahlia, the cat, and Jemelda, the dog. Both Tahlia and Jemelda had been abandoned and were rescued by the sanctuary.

Kathy, the founder of Gunyah, said that the two were found each other and have not stopped cuddling. She said she has never seen a bond like the one between Tahlia and Jemelda.

Here is  the moment when Tahlia found her best friend!

When Jemelda first came to the sanctuary, she was afraid of everyone and everything. Over time, she improved but hadn’t formed a bond with any of the other animals.

All of that changed when Tahila came into her life. Kathy said they formed an incredible bond in just a few weeks and spend the day snuggling.

Tahlia comforts Jemelda, a senior dog, and when they are not cuddling, Tahlia is grooming her buddy. The two are inseparable.

The love between Tahlia and Jemelda spread to the other sanctuary animals. Snuggle piles are a common site at Gunyah. Tahlia has nurtured many of the residents including lambs, kittens, and goats.

Despite having plenty of beds for all the animals, Tahlia prefers sleeping on top of Jemelda!


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