Creative Judge Makes Dog Abuser’s Punishment “Fit The Crime”

Alyssa Morrow recently pled guilty to animal cruelty and neglect. She left her dog, Moose, trapped inside an Ohio home for an entire week.  He was surrounded by filth and left starving.
Instead of putting her behind bars, Judge Cicconetti — who is known for his creative style of punishments that are  intended to “fit the crimes” — he had a much different idea.
neg 1
He sentenced Alyssa to cleaning up garbage at the county landfill. It was so disgusting that she said she would rather be put in jail. The judge’s response? “If you puke, you puke.”
neg 3
In addition, Moose was taken away from Alyssa and adopted out to a new and loving family. A happy ending, free of neglect, for him!
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