How To Improve The Lives Of Neglected Dogs Chained Outside

Even though dogs are descended from wolves, they are not meant to be like wild animals by living outside all the time. They can succumb to the elements, and with no shelter, they will be exposed to ticks and fleas, which can carry life-threatening diseases.

Many dogs are chained up outside instead of being treated as a member of the family. Many people think that this is good for them, being outdoors, however, the chains can often restrict their movement and make it difficult for them to get the exercise that they need.

The worst part of treating dogs this way is that they are not socialized very well and have no idea what it means to be loved. They actually do not know how they should act around human beings.

When treated this way, it can lead to the dog becoming fearful or snapping at people who get too close. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation in order to be happy dogs.

A dog’s health can start to decline without these stimuli. There are organizations like The Backyard Dog Project who teach people the dangers of chaining dogs up outside all year round.

Hopefully, dog owners who chain their dogs understand how to treat and involve them more as members of the family.

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