Unique Accessory Created From The Artists’ Love For Cats

Japanese artist, Twitter name @picopco08, has designed and made these adorable bags that are almost lifelike.

The artist tweets that she is a housewife who loves cats so much that she created stuffed bags that resemble them. She has some stunning designs and fans online who have purchased her products.

The cat designs were a hit on Twitter, where she first announced the release.
Her first one was a white cat, which turned into a three-color-fur-coat!

This cute piece just can’t miss anyone’s eye as it is designed with hard work. @picopocoo8 adds that she colored the first specimen using acrylic paint. For all you people who have fallen in love with this furball, unfortunately, the artist has sold this piece already on the Yahoo! Auction. However, as the design was, sold for $700/ 83000 Yen, you will be nothing less than proud! If you think that is expensive, you will also be surprised to know that she is an infamous celebrity artist who also sold the grey cat product for $550/ 66000 Yen.


This is another one of her exclusive cat edition handbags along with the others.

Now, for the good news: @picopocoo8 recently tweeted that this masculine black kitty is her new project, which is under processing currently.


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