Two Kittens Were Wrapped In A Blanket And Abandoned By The Highway

Bo and Marlo, two tiny kittens, were wrapped in a  blanket  and dumped on a highway. When Malia, a kind-hearted woman,  saw the kittens, she rescued  them and gave them a new home and life.

While Malia was driving down the highway, she saw a strange blanket move around and decided to stop and investigate. She found two tiny kittens and rushed them to her home from the chilly cold highway.

She nursed and sheltered the kittens and eventually adopted the kittens. Here are the kitties taking their first bath!


Bo and Marley are so adorable! Look at them posing for the camera!

Bo and Marlo love hanging out with their dad.

And they cannot stop cuddling with each other.

Because their daddy is always on his computer, he made them a bed next to his computer!

Bo and Marlo love listening to his strumming while sleeping.


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