Two Dogs Meet In The Hospital, But The Way They Help Each Other Survive Is Incredible

What happened when these two pups arrived at the hospital the same time is absolutely heartwarming!
hospitalOlaf was a large dog who was bitten by a snake, and was surrendered to a shelter because they were unable to care for him or pay his medical costs.
When he was brought in for surgery, he met a little pup, Mariah. She was abandoned in a parking lot on Christmas Eve at only six weeks old, and was slowly freezing to death.

A kindhearted soul found her and took her in, but she was struggling to maintain a constant body temperature, and it looked like her fate was sealed.


And that’s when the shelter decided to pair them up together. Olaf needed a buddy to recover with, and Mariah needed a source of constant body heat, and with Olaf’s large size, she got plenty of that and more.


Now, they’re best buddies who care for each other and play together, keeping the others’ hopes up while they recover.



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