Trucker Rescues Stray Dog Who Refused To Leave His Friend Behind

“When Dan O’Grady of Akron, a truck driver, passed the little dog abandoned on the side of the highway in Jacksonville, Florida, he could not ignore him. He exited the freeway and hoped he could get back to the dog before anything bad happened. Luckily, he got back in time, but the skinny dog yapped at him and kept running off every time he approached.

“The frantic dog, a Jack Russell terrier, led Dan into the woods. It was clear the dog wanted him to see something. Under a bush, Dan saw a white domestic rabbit huddled there. Dan scooped up the rabbit and headed back to the truck, and the dog followed. He dubbed them Highway and Interstate,” said the rescuers at the Humane Society of Summit County.

“After feeding the hungry animals (sandwich meat for the dog and a salad from a rest stop for the rabbit), he made his way to the nearest animal shelter. The local shelter took the dog, but they couldn’t take the rabbit. Dan thought he remembered seeing rabbits at our shelter. After confirmation we could care for a rabbit, he bought a crate and supplies for a make-shift bunny nest for Interstate and started the long drive north.”

“We took custody of Interstate in mid-January and found him to be only about three pounds – bony and malnourished for an adult rabbit. Who knows how long he and Highway had survived on their own in those woods. And what a lucky rabbit that Highway refused to abandon him when help finally arrived!”

It’s been reported that both Highway and Interstate have now been adopted.

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