Little Girl Missing For 11 Days Was Found Being Protected By Her Dog

Dog lovers know that their loyal pups would do absolutely anything for them.  It was especially true for this family during a crisis.

In Siberia, this little pup learned from a very young age when one little girl became lost in the woods after she tried to follow her father who was traveling to the nearby village

She lost her way, in a forest filled with bears and wolves.  However, Naida the little pup, saw the little girl wandering and decided to follow her.

Karina’s mother had no idea the child was missing until days later when she called her husband and found that the girl, wasn’t with him.

After rescuers were contacted, they searched for five-days with no luck.

Nine days later, Naida returned home.  She had not given up on finding Karina; she tried to tell her parents where she was.   Naida led them to Karina who was alive and well, and had been surviving on berries and water as sustenance.

One local man became so inspired by this story that he made a bronze statue dedicated to Karina and Naida!


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