Model On Vacation Saves Paralyzed Dog She Found On The Beach

When Canadian traveler Meagan Penman went on a trip to Thailand, she saw a paralyzed dog that was struggling to crawl across the beach.  Meagan immediately went to help the poor paraplegic pup, who was malnourished and had horrible wounds on his legs.

Meagan found out that the dog was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident, but he’d survived.  His owner did not get the pup the medical care that he so desperately needed.

Meagan looked all over Thailand for a rescue that would take the poor dog in, but none of them would take him. She knew that if the dog did not get help soon, he would surely die.

Meagan Penman, a Canadian model, went on vacation to Thailand.

While there, Meagan found a pitiful dog that was dragging his body across the beach. She brought him to a local vet, who took X-Rays which showed that his spine was broken.

Because he was so badly injured, none of the rescues in Thailand would take him in.  Meagan made him a promise that she’d bring him with her back home to Canada.

Taking him overseas wasn’t an easy task.  Megan had many generous online donors, and managed to raise over $2,000to help pay for the special needs pup’s trip home.

Leo’s story made the local news.

About two months after being rescued, Leo was ready to go to his new home.

Even after a long flight, Leo was a calm and happy boy.

Because of her job and living situation, Meagan was unable to take him in herself. However, via Leo’s Facebook page, she found him a foster home with a lovely and kind-hearted lady named Jamie.