Tiny Dogs You Cannot Help But Fall In Love With

Here are some tiny dogs that are guaranteed to make you smile!

This little guy is nothing more than a tiny furball.

This little girl is so tiny, there is a little extra room on his hand!

Teacup puppy!

This guy fits in a tea cup but he looks more like coffee.

The tiniest biter out there can’t bite more than one finger at a time!

Tiny bellies love tiny little belly rubs.

This guy is only as tall as a finger, and most of that is his head!

How could you not fall in love with the adorable face?

Yorkies love soda?

Here is the fun sized version of the big dog!

He looks like a stuffed Ewok, but that’s a real life dog. Adorable!

Big things come in small packages.

A new convenient way to measure tiny dogs.

Cuteness overload!


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