Tiny Dog Cares For Abandoned Kitten As If She Was Her Mother

Behind a Home Depot store, in a deep ravine, a tiny Shih Tzu pup, was acting like a surrogate mommy for a tiny kitten.

When nearby residents saw them, they immediately notified the Anderson County Animal Control to help out.

Officer Michelle Smith said that it was likely the dog heard the kitten crying and went down the ravine to rescue her.  The new mother, instead, ended up nursing her. The tiny dog stayed with the kitten and barked until someone came to their aid.

Once the adorable duo was rescued, they were brought to the Anderson County P.A.W.S. and instantly won the hearts of everyone

When they were found, the dog was actually nursing the kitten and keeping the baby alive until help arrived. Just moments after their rescue, a resident called wanted to adopt Goldie the dog and Kate the kitten!

The couple who adopted them explained how much Goldie and Kate reminded them of their pets (a cat and a dog) who died around the same time.

Now the two adorable animals have a forever loving home!

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