Elephants Are Abused Prior To Being A Tourist Attraction

People have been using animals for their own purposes for centuries. Sometimes to help us hunt our food or keep mice out of our food supply. Pack animals,  such as horses and donkeys have been used to travel long distances. However, the treatment of such animals has improved immensely over the passing years.

Not all wild animals enjoy such benefits, and the regulations overseeing their treatment are more difficult to enforce. In some countries, elephants are used as rides for tourists, but do you know what happens beforehand?

In a practice called “crushing,” these wild animals are captured and forced to endure horrible treatment designed to crush their spirit.

The practice involves tying them up and beating them into submission so that they will do what their “owners” want. The laws on the treatment of wild animals are full of loopholes making the practice easier to engage in.

It is illegal to capture wild animals, but once they have been captured, they are no longer regarded as a wild animal and there are no further protections for these creatures.

The treatment that they then endure is despicable. They are beaten on a daily basis and forced to stay awake when exhaustion starts to kick in, is when these elephants simply give up.

So the next time you’re in a foreign country on vacation tempted to take an elephant ride, think about what this animal had to go through.

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