Senior Barn Cat’s Only Friend Was A Rescued Raccoon

Haley Williams had an old barn cat, Zizi, who didn’t get along with any of the other animals in Haley’s household.

Zizi was always getting into fights and despite him being neutered, his aggression continued. When Zizi was quite old in 2012, Haley rescued Winston, an emaciated raccoon she found lying on the side of the road.

Because her vet would not help Winston, and without any wildlife rescues nearby, Haley brought the raccoon home and bottle fed him. Winston quickly recovered and began to grow. He had so much energy, Haley decided to introduce him to the outside world.

On his first time outside, Winston approached Zizi.

Immediately, Winston and Zizi cuddled up and took a nap together. Haley was amazed when Zizi and Winston grew a strong bond of friendship.

Haley said that any time of the day she sees the two animals playing together gently or napping out in the sunlight.

It was a truly magical time during the few years they were together, they were the happiest of Zizi and Winston’s lives.

Zizi passed away from old age and Winston was lost. He started traveling further out into the wild and returning to Haley’s home less often.

Now, Winston comes by the house once a month and plays with Haley’s new kitten.

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