Senior Barn Cat Bonded With Her Owner’s Rescued Raccoon

Haley Williams loved her old barn cat Zizi, but he did not get along with any of the other animals in Haley’s household.

Zizi kept fighting with all the other animals. His aggression even kept up after getting neutered.

In 2012, Haley found Winston, an emaciated raccoon lying on the side of the road.

There were not any wildlife rescues nearby, and the vet wouldn’t help Winston. That is when Haley decided to bring the raccoon home and bottle feed him. Winston quickly recovered and began to grow. Fast! He had so much energy, Haley decided to start introducing him back to the outside world. On his first trip outside, Winston approached Zizi, and Haley grew very nervous.

But lo and behold…Winston and Zizi cuddled up and took a nap outside. Haley was amazed. Zizi and Winston grew a bond that was as close as any human relationship.

Haley said every time she looked out her window, the two animals were playing together gently or napping out in the sunlight.

It was truly magical and this kept up for a few years, and those were the happiest of Zizi’s and Winston’s lives.

Zizi passed away, and Winston was alone in the world. He started traveling further out into the wild and returned to Haley’s home less and less often. Zizi helped the raccoon get back into the wild, so even after he passed away, he still is a hero.

Now Zizi only stops by once a month, but he plays with Haley’s new kitten.

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