Terrified Pit Bulls Are Rescued By A Loving Man

When Bridget and Louie were brought into the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, in Conroe Texas, they were not doing very well. They both had mange and were horribly emaciated. The poor dogs were so scared they clung to each other in fear.

After their examination, the vet said they had been neglected for a long time, and were possibly bait dogs. Their teeth were worn down as if they had chewed at a metal chain to get away.

They had metal wire collars around their necks and they were removed before they went to stay with their foster family.

The dogs fell in love with the sofa, and spend a good portion of the day sleeping.

They love to sunbathe on the porch and seem to be comfortable.

They made great friends with their foster brothers and love being in a loving home.

The human affection has really calmed them down.

Now they snuggle with anyone, not just each other. They’re just waiting to fully heal to find a new forever home, they hope together.

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