As they made their way along this new route, Kelsey spotted something strange on the side of the road. It was an emaciated horse, on the brink of death. What Kelsey and her mom chose to do next is truly heartwarming.

While driving down the road,  they came upon an ailing horse on the side of the road.  The two quickly rushed to the horse’s aid. However, the horse was frightened and would not walk onto the trailer. Kelsey was persistent and refused to give up. Instead of leaving the scared horse, Kelsey walked it the full nine miles home!

It took the determined Kelsey four hours to get home. The poor abused horse was covered in whip marks, had swollen eyes and was completely exhausted due to malnutrition.

Kelsey nursed the horse back to health after sleeping in the barn for five nights.  Kelsey didn’t want her to be alone while she recovered.

Kelsey’s horse, now named Sonny, made an incredible recovery and has grown into a beautiful horse.  Kelsey and Sonny share an unbreakable bond.

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