When this little dog, named Chunky, was kidnapped from his owner by a group of teenagers, they force fed him drugs, broke his neck, his legs, and even set him on fire before throwing him in the trash as if he were garbage.

dog set fire

Caroline Doe, the RSPCA inspector commented on the ordeal:

“This was the most disturbing case I have ever dealt with- by an absolute mile. The whole thing sends shivers down my spine. The defendants may have been young and confessed to being under the influence of drugs but the cruelty they inflicted on this poor dog was extreme, barbaric and inexcusable, Chunky was found with a broken leg and neck, and with burns all over his face and eyes. He must have suffered horrendously for hours as the senseless torture took place for the amusement of these boys.”

It was also noted by Doe that it was a “miracle” that Chunky survived the whole horrific ordeal.

dog set fire

The teenagers were caught after poor little Chunky was eventually found in the garbage dump near his home.

They ultimately plead guilty to animal cruelty and were punished from having animals for five years, given a referral order for 12 months, and ordered to pay costs.

Little Chunky is completely healed but he’s still nervous and fearful because of the abuse that he endured.  He’s home with his original owners and very happy now! His his will to survive, as well as his ability to trust humans once again prove that this little guy is one beautiful soul.

dog set fire

Such a sweet little boy to have gone through such a terrible experience, still has the ability to love!

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