Rescued Baby Fox Is Too Tame To Be Returned To The Wild

National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS), is an organization that helps rescue and rehabilitate foxes and other animals. Pudding, a little fox cub was taken in by the organization with the goal to release her back into the wild.  However, Pudding had another plan.

Pudding is a beautiful fox with stunning yellow-hazel eyes and beautiful red fur.  Her demeanor is sweet and loving. When she was rescued by NFWS, the staff wanted to integrate her in with another fox family, but Mother Nature had another idea.

Before Pudding was introduced to the other foxes, a huge tree fell and blocked the entrance to their enclosure.

The foxes inside the kennel were fine, but nothing larger than a food bowl could be placed inside. That is when Pudding bonded with her human caretaker.

Pudding was so tiny; she needed to be hand-fed. It was too late when they tried to introduce her to the other fox kits. At that time, Pudding was too tame since she had been with people too long.  She just was not fit to be returned to the wild.

That was about the time the staff at NFWS made Pudding their official wildlife ambassador and a full-time resident. Her face graces their T-shirts and mugs.

Unfortunately, wild foxes don’t have a long life span and Pudding passed last year, but she left behind a loving legacy.

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