Takin Was Rejected By His Mother And Gets A Surprising New Best Friend

Dale, the takin, is a member of the Bovidae family, which also includes goats and sheep. Born at the Cincinnati Zoo, Dale was sadly rejected by his mother at birth. Fortunately, this was not something the zoo staff had not dealt with before.

The staff at the Cincinnati Zoo was very concerned about Dale’s emotional state. It would be impossible for him to survive without his mother.

Dale’s natural instinct as a herd animal is to seek out a companion. Without his mother, he was extremely lonely.

Something needed to be done fast! So, the zoo’s staff introduced Dale to Blakely the dog, who had quite an interesting reputation around the building.

Blakely spent most of his time with young animals, playing with them and keeping their spirits up. He was essentially the zoo’s best four-legged babysitter!

Blakely stepped in when Dale needed a loving companion. Dale immediately warmed up to the pup. Dale needed exercise so they would take long walks together.

The two new pals enjoyed playing together. Being a young takin, Dale needed to take long naps. His mother was not around to cuddle with him, but Blakely was.


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