Suspicious Woman’s Parrot Drops The Bomb That Her Husband Has Been Cheating On Her With The Maid


A woman living in Kuwait City noticed that if she came home from work early, her husband would act surprised to see her. He was always antsy and nervous, like he was afraid he was going to be caught doing something that he shouldn’t be doing. The more he acted this way, the more she realized that something wasn’t right.


The woman had the feeling that her husband was having an affair and her suspicions grew, but she didn’t have any proof. Soon the family’s parrot started to act strangely too. 


The African grey parrot can associate words and their meanings to make simple sentences, and the bird began to mimic the cheating husband!


There were loud squawks of flirtatious dialogue and then the soft whispering of sweet nothings. The wife knew that her husband never said those things to her.


Her suspicions were confirmed and she figured out that her husband was having an affair with the cleaning lady. The cleaning lady would come to the house when the wife was at work. The wife, who remained anonymous, reported her husband to the police.


Adultery is illegal in Kuwait City, but it is unlikely that the bird will hold up in court as the ‘proof’ of this crime. In 2006, an African grey parrot told his owner, Chris, that his girlfriend was cheating when he repeated the phrase “I love you, Gary.” The bird even made kissing noises when the name Gary was heard on the TV!



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