Stray Dog Walks Over 100 Miles To Return To Elderly Couple Who Rescued Her

Negrita a stray dog, was helped out by an elderly couple after they found her pregnant and emaciated on the side of the road in Rivadavia, Argentina. They rescued her and helped her regain her strength as well as delivered her puppies. They kept her and her puppies around for a while until they could find her a loving home.

Once the puppies were weaned, they all went off to loving homes, as well as one for Negrita. They were too old to care for her and thought it best she go to a loving home. However, two weeks later, they received a call saying that Negrita went missing. After a search turned up nothing, and it was with a heavy heart that everyone thought the worst had happened.

Until one morning, they found Negrita sitting on their doorstep!  The dog had walked 100 miles just to find them again!

Negrita was so determined to get there that she’d walked her paw pads sore. She was tired and thirsty when she got there, so much so that she drank an entire bucket of water and slept for an entire day. The owner offered to come and pick her up, but the couple decided that they couldn’t bear to part with her.

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