Stray Dog Is Hiding A Heartwarming Secret Before She Is Rescued

Eldad Hagar, Hope for Paws founder,  shared a heartwarming rescue to his Flickr account! Hope for Paws got a call about a stray dog, named Petunia, that had been living near a park for several months.

Eldad and Lisa Arturo rushed over to the park. There were several people who visited the park feeding her.

They found Petunia under a truck, and Eldad crawled under the truck to say “Hi.”

Eldad reached his hand out to Petunia and she wagged her tail for a brief second.

Petunia allowed Eldad to stroke her head and seemed to like human contact. Then, Petunia got nervous and started to walk away but Eldad instinctively grabbed her front paw.

He admitted that grabbing her leg was not a good idea because Petunia could have bitten him.

But he was afraid she would run away so he took the risk.

That’s when Eldad realized that Petunia was lactating! The rescuers then said there were babies hidden in some bushes!

Petunia’s puppy was found under some leaves. They named the 3-day old pup Petals.

Lisa and Eldad searched but found no other puppies. Petunia was glad to see her baby was safe and once they were both in the car, Petunia and Petals were both relaxed.

Petunia and Petals both received clean bills of health. Petunia was filthy and needed a bath.

They also found that Petunia had a lot of foxtails inside her ear that had caused an infection.

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