When This Long-Maned Stallion Begins To Gallop, Seeing Him Move Will Give You Chills

Frederik the Great is a gorgeous and beloved Friesian stallion and it’s not difficult to understand why after watching the majestic animal gallop and prance, showcasing his signature power and grace. In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 21, 2012, Frederik’s owners at Pinnacle Friesians reference his worldwide appeal, describing the striking physical beauty and playful “showy” personality that make him such a captivating horse to behold.

Reminiscent of the stallion in Anna Sewell’s classic book, “Black Beauty,” Frederik the Great is the standing stud at Pinnacle Friesians, a renowned Friesian breeder located in the Ozarks of the United States. It’s there that breeder Stacy Nazario selects their stallions in an effort to preserve the bloodlines of this remarkably magnetic horse.

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