Soldier Rescues A Special Needs Kitten And Brings Him Home To The U.S.

Christine Bouldin met a tiny kitten named Felix while serving in the U.S. Army. The moment she met Felix, she was smitten. Felix was the smallest kitten she had ever seen, and she couldn’t walk without flopping to one side. After eight years, she was on her final deployment in Afghanistan.

Felix had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) that affects motor skills, other than being a little wobbly when she walks, Felix is a healthy girl. At first, Felix would hiss at Bouldin, but over time she learned to love her new human friend.

Bouldin fed her and her momma every day, and soon the cats were thriving. Bouldin wanted to take them both home.

But eventually, the mother cat disappeared leaving Felix behind. Bouldin built a home for Felix out of sandbags while back home in North Carolina, Bouldin’s boys sent cat treats.

The highlight of Bouldin’s day was spending time with Felix. Bouldin found a woman named Pam Constable who was willing to foster Felix in Kabul until they could get her sent to the U.S.

Finally, she as able to get Felix to North Carolina! She even had a new furry friend to snuggle with!

She can always count on Felix to raise her spirits!

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